The best give up need to make

This week inspiration is from this.

How often you think “Ah, this won’t work” or “If it’s this, I don’t think I can make it”?

Honestly, I often doubt myself. Especially when I deal with a new thing and I have very little information. Although on one side of myself is screaming with excitement about the adventure, the other side is the doubting and worrying about it.

「諦める事を諦めました」青石花笑        I’m giving up about giving up – Aoishi Hanae


This is the advice that the female lead gave to her colleague when he was down after being turned down by the lady he likes (many times).

When I was having that doubting process, I feel like I was swallowed into an endless whirlpool. But, I feel much better after I wrote all of my doubts into a paper. (I found that writing in paper is theuraputic lately)

After that, I will think what should I do to counter all the doubts.

It may take awhile for me to come with the best solution because I like to postpone doing this exercise. (Oops, seems like procrastination is also inside me)

Then, I saw an advice from this blog post. Keep doing it, don’t try too hard to perfect it.

So, let’s give up of giving up. And, believe more to ourselves. OK?