Self expression: how do you do it?

Thanks to this post in LinkedIn, I started to find some answers to questions floating within my head.

You  can't use up creativity

I recommend you to read the article in LinkedIn above and, let me know what do you think.

As for myself, I like to express myself into drawing and writing. I also like to inspire people with my ordinary life. (Ha!)

When I was a kid, my mom enrolled my brother and I to a drawing class. We had few weeks of drawing based on examples given and few weeks of drawing your own idea. I was always clueless when it comes to drawing your own idea week and my brother always received good marks for his imagination. Ah, I’m not good, that’s what I thought. But I still like to scribble or sketch regardless.

As for writing, I started to write in English as practice when I started to learn it during my junior high. (Trust me, I still have those notes at home and reading it now amuses me with my younger self. One is the word choice, and then the grammar)

Back to the self expression. I see it as how you charge yourself and as long as you’re happy, how you do it doesn’t matter. What do you think?