List, details, prioritize and celebrate

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I admit that I was busy spinning around in 2014 and I didn’t feel really accomplished, because I wasn’t able to focus on getting my plan completed. I was easily drifted into something else. Like a small kid easily attracted to candy.

So, one of my missions this year is to read a new blog post per week and share my learning or relate my own experience. It may not be a breakthrough science, but sometimes we need a reminder about old stuff, don’t we?

Here is what works for me these days.
I think as I grew older (sic!) I need to write more

1. List
Just lists them. Or if say listing them helps our brain to focus on different tasks rather than trying to remember them all the time.

2. Make smaller chunks
Put more details into them, don’t just let it float in the air. What projects, what are the items to be reviewed, whom to update to, etc

3. Not all items have same value
Put the life and death matters first, if there is any.

4. Do it
This is the most important part.

5. Celebrate small success
Make milestones if it takes time to get into the goal line.

Let’s have a great 2015..!