Happy new year!

How was your 2014? Was it good? Was it a rocky one? Are you doing a reflect back to your 2014? Or you don’t bother? What is your plan in 2015?

I opened my 2014 checklist and I ticked 4 out of 7 items. I didn’t manage to do 3 things, update this blog and page for iPhoneography regularly, and learning new sport (diving) and the stretch mission, learning a new knowledge related to work.

What 2014 had taught me are:
1. The more you postpone thinking about your plan in that year, the more you’ll live aimlessly.
I think this one is also related to my procrastination bit, that if I don’t think something is important, then I’ll put them off till the last minute. It’s also an indicator to me, what are the things I really like and don’t like.
(You should’ve known this and yourself better long time ago right? How young are you dear? Ha!)
To me in 2015 and beyond, please learn to balance it, sometimes you can’t keep avoiding things you don’t like. Sometimes we need to stretch and do it. It’s part of the learning and the journey.

2. Be honest with yourself
(Again, are you still teenager?)
I read this long time ago in a book called Secret and based on what I remembered, when you want something, say it, and the universe will conspire with you to get it. (I may be wrong so can read the book to confirm it if you haven’t)
I used to think that don’t get the hope too high, because if you don’t get it, the “fall” from disappointment will be great.
To me in 2015 and beyond, it’s natural to feel disappointed when you can’t get the things you want especially after you work hard for it, but you’re getting close to it, aren’t you? It could be that those missions were practice misses for you to get the bigger better things in the future. So, don’t be afraid to dream for something big.

3. Focus on one thing at a time
In 2014, I’ve been tested many times that there were many things that I need to do at the same time. As a result, I can only spend bits of my time on a task then quickly move to another one. Or few times I did bits here halfway then move to another one and so on. As a results I have too many “open” cases.
To me in 2015 and beyond, when you’re having a writer block, keep typing although it’s a gibberish words, eventually your brain will start to work and you’ll get the words. When you browse the Internet, you may get inspiration but you’ll get distracted easily too.

4. Checklist
(Back to basic eh)
In addition to the point above, create a list about the items you need to do on that day. Even to the smallest task I need to do like passing things to my friend. Then review the list again when I tick one task. Because sometimes I put them all in, without thinking about the priority (ha!) and actually some of them are not urgent at all.
To me in 2015 and beyond, keep practicing it, you’ll get better at this. And creating a schedule doesn’t mean you’re rigid person. Some may don’t need one, everyone has their way of managing their time.

5. Human touch
(Yes, you finally learn about this, don’t you?)
I used to think that when you want something, just do it even if you’re alone. Because, I find it troublesome to ask people around. By the time you find one, it’s too tiring to do the actual activity because of the search or if you weren’t able to find one, it will discourage you from doing it.
However, there are few things that actually it’s better to do it with others. So that you can laugh together.
Group chat can be a quick fix to find support, but you can easily get misunderstanding too.
To me in 2015 and beyond, don’t get easily discourage from doing things you want to do when you can’t find friends to do it together with you. Keep reaching out to your friends and do some catch ups. Meeting them in person has more healing effect than just chatting in Whatsapp or LINE.

Last note for the day, I know you like to complete your mission but don’t you want to enjoy the journey?


PS: let’s get started to write the resolution.