Do you like to write?

This week post is inspired by this post.

It reminds me to what happened to me lately when I stumbled into that article in Mashable website.

I told my friend that few weeks ago that I found writing is somewhat therapeutic. And my friend teased me, am I feeling that stress?

Since I used iPhone few years back, I’ve been turning most of my activities into digital, for example putting up reminders, writing blog, making notes, and so on.

Occasionally I still wrote on paper or scribble or draw on books because the feeling is different. And there isn’t any good stylus which able to emulate the feel of drawing/writing on paper. (If you know any, please let me know? ;))

Anyway, let’s write more! let’s scribble more!

Note: My last year Christmas present was a sentence a day project which has 3 empty slots for 3 different year. And now I’m filling up the 2nd slot. Sometimes I laughed when I read what happened to me last year 😀

  • Iwan

    Ah, new layout? Nice. I prefer this one to the previous one (the last one wasn’t bad either, though). I feel like the left sidebar is taking a bit too much space. Or maybe it’s just me 🙂

    Anyway, good point. You’re making me feel like blogging as well. I feel like needing some therapeutic treatment now. Hahaha.

    • admin

      Yes.. Thanks for visiting my humble blog and you’re thw first one who noticed it. 😀 I’ve been putting it aside (since .. last year??) XD that i need to refresh it. You’re right, still need some touch up for the layout.

      Yay.. Do it, do it.. 🙂

  • Melisa

    Hi Kartika
    Try bamboo fine stylus or intuos creative stylus2 for ipad.
    But they arent compatible yet with ipad air2.

    • admin

      Hi Melisa, thanks for the suggestion! I’ll consider both of your suggestions. By any chance, do you use one of them? Or both?