Lesson from life

Some people may give you hard times, but how you react to it it’s up to you. You may ponder why the other party behaves like that. And most of the times, it’s just a waste of energy. It’s either you accept them as they are or leave them.

The challenge is if you’re working with them for accomplishing a project as a volunteer (unlike in work environment where people has more commitment to it). But, I’ll take it as my fault because I made a decision to work with them.

This recent experience brings back my memories in my university time when I had to work with certain people for a school festival. It’s known that this person A is unwanted; most of the other team didn’t want A to be inside for many reasons. But, I saw some potential in A, so I decided to take A in. However, after trying with many different ways seems none of them is working. One of my best friend asked me whether I still saw the potential in A? My best friend thought that I was too positive, so I wasn’t realistically assessing A.

We finished the school festival and, to be honest, I couldn’t even remember who A was now. But the lesson learnt and my best friend remark remained.

Back to my current situation. This person, B, whom I worked with now was highly recommended by another friend. That friend told me that B has potential in this and that. I didn’t have many chances to work with B before but most of people are having same thought about B, that B has some issues. And, I decided to take B in. I thought the same when I took A in, those people can be wrong.

Apparently, I was wrong, again. We had big argument early this year and B denied all my attempts for having a good talk to sort things out.

So here are the 2 major points I learned:

  1. Not all has the chivalry to fight and move on. So, pick how are you going to deal with them.
  2. Regardless what are other people said or recommend, ask yourself if you’re going to regret the decision you made, if there is a slight no, trust it. It’s ok to miss the chance to work with the other party at that time because there will be better times to work with them at different time.

Lastly, one of my best friend used to mock me because I enjoy to be in a “fight”. I told my friend that when you’re having a fight with other party, you’ll know better the sides that usually not visible to people. I think I have at least a fight with my best friends (some of them are just small cat fights but I think I had few big ones haha) but we always manage to have a good talk and then move on. But I also have good friends which don’t have to go through a fight too. (hey I like peace)

Anyway, it’s just a way to learn more about other people. I’m not promoting violence, ha! 😀

  • sin

    Didn’t know that you like “fights” 😀

  • sin

    Didn’t know that you like “fights” 😀