Why this? Why that?

After all the hard work organizing something, some friends didn’t turn up.
After all the long nights revising, turned out that what we study wasn’t included for the exam.

Then we asked ourselves, why?

I’m sure that we are all in those situations. (Or probably worse?) and we feel stress because it didn’t go as we plan.

At the back of my head I can hear my teachers in life will say, don’t think too much about it.

Although to think about it is part if my nature (or used to be worse, by adding self blaming activity ;)) sometimes we just need to keep moving forward. We can’t let those weigh us down to get what we want to do.

At least, we should ask ourselves, have we done something? Even a small action can lead to a big thing. No action means nothing is going to happen later.

I’m sure we are able to be better in reacting to these kind of events, right?