Appreciate and praise

If you bumped into someone you haven’t met for quite sometime and they mentioning something you good at, how would you feel? Happy, naturally, right?

A monk used to mention this many times in his talk and his book as well. That, a praise will get you anywhere. Because we like to be praised, to be appreciated.

But most of us didn’t feel it or didn’t get it. Sometimes we had done our very best effort, but other people failed to recognize it. Instead they find your faults.

So when that happened, what we are doing next is the most important part. Are we going to become upset? Are we going to angry at the other party because they can’t see the effort we are putting in?

There is a saying, a feeling is something you need to communicate to the other party. Instead of angry, or upset, we should get a time, to communicate it in proper way.

I know it’s easier said than done because when you’re already pissed with the other party, it may take time to cool down and to have proper talk. I’m not the best person who can do that, but I told myself take your time, sort your feelings and thoughts.

If you’re a people person, try to talk to different people to get different view or vibes. Sometimes they may give you totally the opposite view, but it will be like a wake up call or eye opener to us. Or you can also meet up with someone you have not met for quite sometime. The convo between you and them will give you extra energy.

If you’re not people person, take some quiet time, give it some thoughts. Sometimes go back to read old books helps.

Sometimes you have give the other party benefit of the doubts. They probably really clueless about our effort.

Finally at the end of the day, the important part is, do we recognize our effort? If so, what other people doesn’t matter anymore.