Change plan

or rather adapt your plan.

Time flies eh? We had passed the first three months of the year. Early this year, did you make  any resolutions? If so, how was it? Are you doing well?

Looking at my list this year, some are progressing well, some aren’t. I feel that the importance is also changing. Some are becoming less important.

I like to keep them on check from time to time. Until eventually it becomes an obsession to tick them.

However, it’s different in reality. When I saw that some of the items become less important, I don’t put a lot of effort in there and naturally it just stay there not making any progress.

Knowing it’s not making any progress, my mind started to put some stress why I’m not doing it.

But I think that’s what life is trying to teach or tell me. That sometimes you need to adapt the plan. Or rather, why you’re ticking it for the sake of ticking it? We should fully enjoy the experience then tick it.

So, besides this year bucket list, I’m keeping another bucket, pending bucket list. You’ll never know that one day, you’ll be interested to do those again.

How are you doing with your resolutions? If you’re doing well, that’s good. If you’re not, what’s your next plan?