It’s Christmas time

Christmas is one of my favourite holidays of year. You should know the story about Christmas right? Besides that, it’s also a season where everyone spend their time with their family.

When I was a kid, I watched a lot of show/movie about Christmas in local television (it’s also a school holiday, so I could watch TV as many as I wanted, yay). For example, some parents were trying their best to get presents or to give Christmas experience to their kids. Some were having some challenges to get the toys for the kids (kids always like toys, don’t they?) while others were having hard time to get back home on time for Christmas. But, there is always something happened which helped them and the movie will end happily ever after. Because of that I believed that there will be a lot of “magic” will happen to help people in needs. (Well, I still believe it now even though it’s not during Christmas time)

So, May your life be peaceful and joy, as the magic of Christmas spreads on you. Merry Christmas.

 Christmas Tree

Log Cake  Moto-reindeer  Post-it tree

The song below is one of my fave and it has a different touch from Park Bom and Lee Hi (artists from YG Entertainment Korea).. Enjoy ~