Pro.cras.ti.nate (say it in Dalek’s tone, if you’re Doctor Who fan. I found it cute :9)

Overthink about it
What happens to me most of the time is, it’s all started in my mind. I imagine the task, or chore, that I need to do. By the time I finished thinking about it, I lost my will to do it. Or even worse, I’m interested to do something else, which is more fun or much simpler.
Thinking about it is the hardest part. When you’re just dedicate yourself to do one thing at a time, it’s not that hard.

Asking what if
In relation to the previous point, usually the question “what if” comes along, for example “what if someone disapprove my idea?” or “what if it’s not good enough?”. Good or bad is subjective to an individual taste. Focus on doing it fully, if someone dislike it, that’s ok. Instead of asking what if, ask how to make it better.

Solving the issue
There is a saying, it’s called a problem if there is a solution to it.

I learned from someone that I should keep a list and know the priority. Those help us to focus and move smoothly from one task to another task. Do what’s must then enjoy your time for doing nothing. (Which most of the time we do nothing first (procrastination) then cramming it last minutely)

There are many different ways to tackle procrastination, what are yours?