A small talk that made my day

The boy was studying for his exam when I reached home. He was only Primary 4, my land lord’s son. The helper told me that he’s inspired to study IT in the future, to be like me. (Wow!)

He added, so that he can play games while working since he will be facing computer whole day.. (Ahem.. that’s not the good motivation boy.. Or I can say, I used to think the same thing too. How I chose IT because I like to play games)

The helper added, he wanted to be able to travel to different places like when I was having some business trip (his mom shouted, why don’t you become flight attendant instead? And I heard he said, walking in plane is dangerous..)

It was a tiring day for me and this convo made me forgot how tired I was.

(I was supposedly to post this on 23 Oct, but for this and that reasons I was forgot to publish this)