Outgrowing ourselves

After reading the post in a fan blog about Seungri (승리) and reading/watching several Osawa Takao (大沢たかお) posts/interviews, I can’t help myself to have another self talk with myself.

What’s the common thing between Seungri who is the youngest member from BIGBANG and Osawa Takao who is senior actor from Japan? Transformation.

Osawa Takao used to be a model, then he moved out to various roles. Actor, radio host, documentary host, voice actor, producer. He did musical and had few singles too.

Seungri is known for his dance skills not for his vocals in the group. He is the first BIGBANG member that can converse fluently in Japanese.

Both of them are my inspirations.

Side note: I was telling my friend that I’m consistently having this cycle every 2-3 years of my life. I always think that I’ll be satisfied with xxx but 2-3 years later, I’ll feel I’m missing something.. Heeyyy.. isn’t it contradict yourself in previous post that you’re generally quite happy with what you have that time?