To find that we have so much

Count what you have now
Don’t count what you don’t have
Find that you have so much

around 40

Those words are from opening song of Japanese drama titled “Around 40“. The title of the song is Shiawase no Monosashi (幸せのものさし) by Takeuchi Mariya (竹内 まりや). What I like about this song is, the melody is quite bright and the words are very encouraging.

About the drama, it’s light and entertaining. It’s about some women in their 40s with their different lifestyle (and problems). The main actress for this drama is Amami Yuki (天海祐希). (I hardly have favourite actress, but she’s in my favourite list). Even though the drama is light, but it delivers a good message in each episode. I’ll probably will share some after I finished watching the drama.

Or have you seen it? What do you think?

Side note: I’m watching this during my commute to work at this moment.  Here is the song in YouTube: