Things from the past

I just came back from a short trip to my home town last week. It was a good trip, catching up with friends, having 2 road trips with family and having a drama marathon which I haven’t done it in a while.

My room is still the same. Although it’s recently renovated while I’m away because there were some cracks on the wall due to my neighbour house works. Layout wise is slightly different after the renovation work. My mom re-layout it. I used to against her when she change the layout of my room because it will make uncomfortable; somehow her preference layout is not practical to me.

She asked me to re-arrange all my books because she bought a new cabinet for my books/comics. (I still owe her that!!) I only managed to check some cabinets.

While I was examining one of the cabinets, I saw my old “diary”. I think it was from my high school time. The funny thing is, I wrote it in English. I guess I just don’t want my mom to read it, in case she found it.

Although I learned the basic of English by reading my mom’s notes and she can understand to certain extent, but I guess it’s still safer for me to write it in English than in Bahasa.
(Maybe I should start to write more in Japanese now, since English is more commonly known and I’m learning Japanese, take it as practice like how I practice my English back then)

Anyway, I laughed at myself when seeing my old diary. The English was horrible. I guess, I have “grown” a lot since then. I also found my old notes while I was studying in Melbourne. I wrote it in the planner together with some scribble during lecture too.

I think, I MUST like to write my thoughts away. The paper diary is on and off because I have this blog too. But sometimes, the feeling of scribbling it is different than typing it. Typing is definitely much faster. But you can’t draw (I like to draw my expression).

Reading them again made me feel nostalgic about those times. I was thinking, why did I think that way? Or sometimes, I found that my “young” me is pretty stubborn too. I also found some wisdoms in between the silly statements. Those wisdoms like a reminder to my “present” me about some principles which I may forget.

So, do you still have things from your childhood or younger days? Do you still keep them? What do you feel when you see them?