Indonesia Independence Day

I wish Happy Independence Day for my beloved country Indonesia.

Indonesia Independence Proclaimation


The image above is Indonesia flag watermarked against the proclamation declaration. If you want to know more about it you can visit the wiki page.

When I was still in school, it’s a must to attend a flag ceremony in our school (even if it’s a weekend). (Ah! those days..)

Anyway, usually we will have some festivals with lots of games or mini competitions (for example: eating crackers (photo), bunny hoping in a gunny sack (photo)). I’m not sure if they still have it till now? Do they?

There was no lesson for that day, so we can go back home after the flag ceremony. However, we need to quickly turn on our TV, to watch the national broadcast for the same flag ceremony from the capital and to note down the people name whom put up the flag. Those were selected students. They looked very cool. I was hoping I can be selected when I was little back then. :p (if not because of those assignments, I wouldn’t watch TV and notice them actually)

Some residential areas usually have some festivals for the residents during that day too.

I’m not sure if those were still in practice now.

So, what do you usually do during your country independence day?

All images credit to original owner (in the link)