5 years blog

Recently I browsed through some of my old posts and something crossed my mind, in which year was my first post? 2008!

I didn’t realise that I have been writing or blogging for 5 years. It will be officially 5 years after 21 September. I started with 4 blog posts in 2008, someone has to started from somewhere right? And now I have 300 over posts. I feel proud that I managed to pull through year by year.

Not all posts were my original post, some were coming from books, Internet, friends or teachers that I met in real life.

As I mentioned in the blog about, my main intention is to share some slice from my life experience which hopefully will be able to inspire you (or amuse you!) in some ways.

Summarizing the stats for each year:

  • 2008: 4 posts
  • 2009: 60 posts
  • 2010: 95 posts
  • 2011: 100 posts
  • 2012: 45 posts
  • 2013:  18 posts (to date)

Starting with 4 posts in 2008, I told myself that I can do better next year.

In 2009, I gave a challenge to myself to post once a week, at least. You can post more, but at least you have to write every week. Make it regular, make it as habit.

In 2010, I still post regularly like the year before. A power of habit made me able to write more, for some reasons.

In 2011, maybe I can be better, I asked myself. I think I’m the type of person who can’t sit still and like to be challenged. So, I decided to aim for 2 posts a week. There are 52 weeks in 2011 and I wrote 100 posts that year. Almost!

The number was decreased significantly in 2012. I was contented that I’m able to reach 250 posts and (almost) completed my mission the year before. On the other hand, I feel that posting twice a week is somewhat too much for me. As a result, I can’t write a good post. (Or it can be just my excuse?)

In 2013, this is the year when I decided to write when I feel I like to write. (Am I scared with pressure? Maybe.. :p) Therefore, I only have 18 posts to date. Only recently I feel inspired to write again.

Sometimes I feel we need to look back, to see the traces that we left. Then we will realise how far we grew or how far we walked. It makes us feel inspired again and able to walk in front fearlessly again.

So, let’s keep moving forward and by then let’s see what kind of path we chose. Then it will make our life more beautiful right?