Transformation of a Kanji word

In today’s lesson, my sensei taught us a very interesting meaning behind a Kanji word.

  1. 辛い(つらい – tsu-ra-i): hardship, mentally painful
  2. 泣く(なく – na-ku): to cry
  3. 涙 (なみだ – na-mi-da): tears

And if we do these that word can give us a brand new meaning:

For 辛(い) +  (work hard or hang in there) = 幸(せ)read: しあわせ shi-a-wa-se.
It means happiness and notice there is a small dash on top of it.

For 泣(く)- 氵(mean: tears; lit. water) = 立(つ)read: たつ ta-tsu.
It means to stand up.

For 涙  – 氵(mean: tears; lit. water) = 戻(す)read: もどす mo-do-su.
It means to recover, to go back to original state.

Interesting isn’t it?

Let’s ask ourselves, can we hang in there to change our hardship into happiness? to change our attitude instead crying, why don’t we learn from it and stand up once more? After we stop our tears, we will be ourselves once more.

On top of that, we are stronger than before.