iPhone or DLSR

I always have passion to capture moments. Maybe I had told this many times, how I started to like taking photo. Starting from a film camera, prosumer digital camera, mobile phone camera, owning my own pocket camera, DLSR, iPhone and so on. Seems like I got distracted by owning the tools rather than taking the photos.

When I have my first DSLR, I used to bring my D90 with the kit lens 18-105mm everywhere. It’s quite big, not as big and heavy other lenses (70-200mm for example). The joy and lightness of carrying it on my shoulder gradually disappears, the camera feels heavier regardless how comfortable the straps or the bag. There is a period where I don’t want to bring it anymore. I just use my iPhone.

Talking about shooting with mobile phone, some of my friends have a not so positive sentiment towards mobile camera users. They thinks a phone should just be a phone, to text and to make a phone call. The sentiment arises because some mobile users brags about how good the camera and thinks that DSLR is not so practical. (which to certain extent can be true. I think it depends on the users’ characteristics, really.)

Recently I went to Hong Kong with only 1 lens, 35mm. It’s a fixed lens so I can’t zoom. I didn’t even bring the camera strap, I simply hold it with my hand, because I was deciding which strap to use and I forgotten about it in the end.  I din’t bring tripod nor flash. Having some limitations force me to think differently on shooting my photo. And it ignites some sparks to my passion. I feel challenged again. First learning point to me is, there will be a period where everyone will feel bored, it means we need new challenge.

Whether it’s an iPhone or a DLSR, I think what matters most is the purpose of it. I think I’m not very particular about the tools, as long as I can take the photos because I enjoy capturing the moments. Second learning points, it’s not about the tools, it’s about the purpose of the activity.

What do you think?