You may have the best material, but you still fail to get what you want

I’m not sure if you heard about “Puzzle Saga” a puzzle game that I played in my iPhone. (No, it’s not Candy Crush Saga). This game is divided into 2 playing modes, Original and Puzzle. In the original mode, they are divided into 5 different realms. Stronger enemies will wait for you every time you advances into new realms. I’m not reviewing the game here, if you like puzzle game, you should play this too.

My story is about what I learned by playing this game. I get bored after sometimes playing this game because I can advance to next level quite easily. Until I stuck at the last realm (or so I thought), I have upgraded my units to the strongest, I have made my general upgraded to the maximum level. However I can’t never passed one staged like I can passed them in previous realms.

I tried different unit combinations, different general pairs but nothing works. I’ve been trying for weeks and almost give up. Giving up is so not cool! I’m still playing it nonetheless, in lower realm, hoping that I will increase my reflex. I tried to play the level I was stuck with sometimes.

One day, I played that level again. My character died after 3-4 rounds, there is an option to continue but you need to pay some golds, which is actually an option that I hardly use. For some reasons, I decided to use it. My character died again after 2-3 rounds of attacks, and I choose to resurrect mine again (usually I don’t do it, once is the maximum number). I think, resurrection happened for 3-4 times until I saw the winning screen.

So, my take are:

  1. Even if you have the best material, there are other factor besides yourself who contributes to the success. It can be what you have that time versus what they have that time. There are always random variables somewhere which you can predict. –> every time you start a new game, they always have different formation.
  2. Most of the times, we give up too soon. It may take just one more step or one more try to achieve what we want. –> one more continue/resurrection is all what you need.
  3. Rely on others, it’s totally fine. Sometimes when the enemy is too huge for you to handle, there will be other people which can help you. –> use hints, or available options; they are there for you. Most of the times, we just too proud to use them or ask for help.
  4. There is always some stronger obstacles ahead waiting for you. The most difficult obstacle is a relative thing. It only works at one point of a time. –> when you think one realm is difficult, more difficult realms are waiting for you.

And, not everyone is good with game, so a difficult game for me may not be that difficult for you. So, just play and enjoy it.. 😉