What a surprise can worth

I planned to write this after I get back from my Jakarta trip ast week, but I procrastinated because I feel I should write the best post to express how happy I was.

Here the story goes:

I was going to Jakarta to visit my brother because I was about to pass him his laptop. It wasn’t in the original plan, anyway to cut the story short, I went to Jakarta and decided to stay for few more days spending my birthday with him. I crashed to my brother’s place but I’m going to stay with my friend’s place on Tuesday night before my flight the next day. My birthday was on Tue.

On Monday night, my friend texted me asking me when should she picked me up from my brother’s place. I couldn’t confirm anything because the dinner plan with my brother; he couldn’t confirm the time too since he had to go out of town for his work.

I decided to just go along, she picked me up in the afternoon, we went for lunch and had a relaxing at a massage place. In the same time, my brother said he can’t reach Jakarta that soon. We went to do some groceries shopping because she said she will cook for the dinner.

I texted my brother to bring some food and had dinner together in her place.

Then not only my brother but also my besties from school turned up. They brought cake and they were there to celebrate my birthday. I wasn’t expecting it. I was tearing up and they were teasing me about it. My bro bought me a pair of yellow Adidas shoes.

Celebrating it with your friends is somewhat common, receiving a surprise was a joy.

Maybe I’m just being too emotional, however, I really appreciated what they did.


Thanks a lot friends! and bro!