Being an idol

Recently I found a very effective way of motivating myself. I put myself in a third person situation.

Here is the story. I observe some of the changes in the entertainment industry, for example: they are more idols rather than artists. To me, idol doesn’t necessarily an artist because they were trained to be popular. But there are also some with real talent.

There are many approaches to maintain their popularity, one of them is writing a blog to their fans. To let the fans know how are they doing. I like BIGBANG, a pop group from South Korea. So occasionally I visit their fansite to know their updates. Some of BIGBANG members like to write a blog. At the bottom of the post, we can see netizens comments about the post. Some are displaying some fanatism (and I have passed that stage since my high school time ^.^!) but some of them are feeling motivated or encouraged to do more. After reading the post that their idols are having tough time at work or tired or facing an issue. Basically they share the same feeling with their idol, or sympathize.

So, imagine you are an idol putting a blog post of your hardship. Then you have yourself as a fan who is reading the post. Don’t you feel so and want to encourage your “idol”?

PS: I like to read BIGBANG member blog and recently all of them takes turn to write for Star Column. Seungri is the youngest in the group, his post is usually quite cheerful despite he is facing some hardships. While TOP is the eldest, he even asked his mom to contribute some story ^.^! (such an adorable son)