The best Role Playing Game called Life – Part 1/3

I wrote that life can be described as playing Role Playing Games and the more I observed it, I can find more and more similarities between them.

1. Start from level 1

The first time we went to school, we just had few basic knowledge on us. The first time we had job, we need to be trained or do some self study for our job. We are all start from level 1. And we need to start from somewhere.

Sometimes we go through many “level 1” experiences. Well, it’s like playing different RPG games, starting a new game. And usually, to start something is the most exciting part.

2. Have attributes

In games our character is defined by few attributes. It can be either physical related like strength or speed; or mental related like intelligence or wisdom. To improve it, we need to go out for some quests, gain experience, level up and then assign our hard work points into those attributes.

Different players have different priorities for their characters. For some avid gamers who know what they want to be, they focus on attributes they needed. For newbie gamers sometimes they distribute the points to all attributes. There is no right or wrong, it’s just different style of playing.

3. Carry items

We start with basic items like daggers. Going to battle after battle against monsters, we will obtain other items, which can be sold, or money. After saving some money, we can buy better items.

The first time we are working, we don’t really have much luxury items. (unless other people give it to you) We save some money and we can buy better computer, or house, or clothes, and so on.

(to be continued)