8 things I learned from my reading list

  1. Luffy – One Piece: Don’t spoil my adventure by giving me the shortcut how to get the treasure.
  2. Akira – Cage of Eden: Keep moving forward even though everything seems against you, you may just one step away from the treasure.
  3. Yoh – Shaman King: Keep your head cool when under pressure, you can think better without your emotion.
  4. Tsuna – Reborn: You need to be more confident about yourself. You are strong!
  5. Lambo – Reborn: Just be yourself, you may think that you’re silly but other people may think differently.
  6. Sebastian Michaelis – Kuroshitsuji: Complete your mission whole heartedly.
  7. Edward Elric – Full Metal Alchemist: Everyone makes mistakes in the past, acknowledge it and move on.
  8. Ganta – Deadman Wonderland: Endure

PS: Oh well, it seems I learned a lot from shounen manga. ^.^!