Managing social media

“If you don’t know how to manage social media, doesn’t mean not using it is the only option that you have.”

This post is my rant about some of my friends who refuses to use social media for example Facebook. Their reason is they don’t want to be “stalked” by certain people. And the reason of my rant is I’m puzzled with some of my special friends thinking; they make me spend more time in sharing photos, announcing events or broadcasting updates in a group.

I know social media presence can be double edged sword if you don’t manage it wisely. Technology is just a mere tool which helps us to work more efficiently. Good or bad is defined by the users. In it’s early days there maybe lots of security issues, but it’s getting better. And again, it depends what are the information you put in your profile.

They also worried about photo tagging and so on. Well, there is also an option to evaluate photo you’re tagged in. If you don’t like it, just remove it. Or tell your friend ahead that you prefer not to be tagged. As a person who likes to take photos during events, I have ethics not to post unglamorous photo of my friends, however if it’s funny, I’ll email them personally. Unless you know your friend very well and they don’t mind about it, then why not. Having some goofs photos show you that you have fun personality.

I’m not promoting Facebook in this post, however I like their features (groups and events). It’s easy to create events, broadcast event updates in the event page. Although I realize that the confirmation power is still somewhat weak. There are many cases when people click “Attend” and they didn’t turn up in the event. They need to be more discipline about it.

I don’t see their reason is strong enough for not to have social media profile. If you don’t know how to manage it, ask around.

Lastly, maybe it’s only me because I’m more inclined to technology than others.