I’m back!

Celebrating my 300th post! Let’s have a question and answer with myself.

Q: Where have you been?

A: I’ve been busy with enjoying my life, real life, not the online one.

Q: Are you saying that you’re not enjoying your life when you’re actively blogging in the past?

A: No, I enjoyed my life that time too. But I have lots of disagreements with life (mostly disappointments) so to think it out loud, I blogged.

Q: Hmm.. Can I say that you have less of those recently?

A: Yes and no. As part of life there is always ups and downs. I say yes because I learn to make peace with it rather than fighting it like how I used to do. I say no because I still experience those, but because of the new learning, I think I’m good now.

(that’s good)

Q: What’s your recent activities?

A: I’ve been quite active in the alumni community, managing the Facebook page, creating posters, arranging events and so on. I’m still learning Japanese (it’s going to be in my 3rd year).

Q: Did you try anything new recently?

A: I did actually. I went to wave house to surf with a friend. It’s not my usual activity so I had cramps all over my body the next day. (Proud moment: I managed to stand)

Q: Actually this one is not 300th post, isn’t it?

A: Ah.. you found it out! Yes, it’s only 285 actually. Just a reason to celebrate thing. We like celebration, don’t we

(ah yada yada yada)

Q: Any other big news you want to share?

A: Ah! Yes, I do actually. My permanent resident application has been approved

(congratz! do I smell a feast?)

So, I’m looking forward to fill in more posts. Let’s aim for the real 300 posts. See you!