2 things I learned from hiking Mt Fuji

I just came back from my Japan trip last week. There were 4 of us, 10 days in Japan mostly Tokyo area and Mt Fuji. Personally, this trip has a deep meaning not only because I’ve been longing to go to Japan but also this is my first time to use the language I’ve learned for the past 2 years.

  1. You can’t lie to nature
  2. Persevere, persevere and persevere

Those two are connected to each other.

This trip has more than one item of my 1st time; to hike a mountain. My friend’s had warned me to train myself physically yet I didn’t have enough discipline for it. Anyway, remembering all the tips from them and last minute training gave me an idea how tough a hike can be.

When I was actually there and started it, it was okay. We still can chat and take photos. Not until when we reached the mountain hut, they asked us if it’s okay to wake us by 11pm when we reached there around 9pm. Otherwise we will not have chances to see the sunrise from the top.

We started the hike from 5th station and made a pit stop at a mountain hut in 7th station. And the top is 10th station.

So we started to climb in the dark. It was fun, or at least to me. I always have an imagination of being a soldier; carrying your backpack and such. Because we travelled in a group, so there are times we have to wait for each other.

When we reached 8th station after quite a tough hike from 7th (with big rocks – we need to crawl) it was around 4am in the morning. So we decided to wait and see the sunrise from there. And it was beautiful.

We continued our journey after that to the top. However the weather was getting worse. Foggy and raining and windy, as you’re getting higher. You are literally inside the cloudy part on the top of the mountain if you see Mt Fuji picture.

This is the time when I started to joke with myself by asking, “why am i doing this to myself?”

However, the body said, don’t think too much, let’s just take a step after a step. We will get there eventually. I listened to it and persevere. I’m not the physically fittest in the group, but I always manage to continue it.

We decided to call it off, due to the group conditions. So the final station we reached was the 8.5th station.

When I was there, I was struck how trivial all the arguments I had with my friends in the past. It was nothing.

So, even tough I didn’t manage to reach the top, it taught me a lot. And I will come back to finish my hike. One day.