Saying grace

Last night we had a team dinner after a conference. One of my friend was in charge of the ice breaking game and it was giving a toast and appreciating why we know this person. Each person has a turn and we were paired randomly.

When I heard someone saying for someone else this and that, I feel very good inside. You may ask “Why” since it’s not related with me, isn’t it? Well, it’s easy to remember all the bad things about someone and when I thought of those, I feel something is consuming me from inside and I don’t feel good at all. However, when you think about the good things or memories you have about those person, you will feel good, bring back the nostalgic memory and you can see your past fights (or some unpleasant memory, if there is any) in different perspective.

The positive energy from one people in the team will influence others too. So overall, the team will be more positive too. Maybe it’s just me who think it to this extent, but no harm trying. 😉