Why we wanted to become others?

Wolf: “Asemu, do you want to be x-rounder that bad?”
Asemu: “yes, otherwise I can’t surpass my dad.”

Don’t you ever jealous with someone who has special talent, which you don’t have? Usually it happens when we need to go through a long journey to get what we want while the other party doesn’t really do much like us.

Wolf: “Well, you don’t need to Asemu. Just be yourself and be the best with whatever you have.”

Sometimes we forget easily that we have potential yet we think that others are more special than us. We ended up drooling over others, and didn’t feel grateful or appreciate ours. But think about it, don’t you think that it’s meaningless, would it better if we allocate the time we complained or fret over things into something more meaningful, for example use the time for practicing to make us better.

So do you have that kind of feeling recently?

PS: That’s the excerpt of recent Gundam Age episode. For a Gundam fan, maybe this series is merely for kids, or you can say that it’s not the previous Gundam series where usually the plot is darker.
However, I still find that there are some morale value we can learn from it.