Playing in RPG called life

I wrote several times about playing RPG in the past, because I feel that there are similar traits between those two:

  • You have attributes, i.e. intelligence, agility, strength, etc.
  • You have missions to accomplish.
  • Each of the mission you solved will contribute to your experience.
  • When you reach certain level of experience, your level will be up.
  • The higher your level, the harder for you to accumulate experience.
  • Being in a group will help you to grow more, with guidance or mentor too.
  • Usually you will need to learn almost everything first before you take some specialization or role.

However, there is one thing that I think you can’t find in life. The feature to save and load.

My boss told me, no. You still have the option to save and load. You save it every 5 o’clock (when they day ends) and load it every morning.

I never thought of that.

It is also a reminder that, we have other life than just work.