Kids perspective vs ours

I had Gunbro in my iPhone game folder. Since it’s been sometime I haven’t played it, I wanted to continue my progress. But I was surprised that my money was halved of it used to be, my grenades was zeroed, but I noticed that my level is increased. Well, since I’m partnering with a friend, it’s quite normal to earn experience from her playing too.

Oh well, I realize that not only that, I also have new gun that I never bought and despite my grenade was gone plus a booster pack is in my inventory.

My friend said maybe it’s a bug, and why don’t I submitted a bug report. So I did as advised.

Only yesterday it struck my mind that recently I lent my iPhone for my friend’s kids. Because they just simply too bored at a gathering, they need to keep busy while we were having a chat. At first they play Plants versus Zombies until quite some time. That’s another possible scenario which explains all the oddities happened to my game progress.

I told my friend about it, she said it’s possible too. Because she experienced it too in the past. Oh well.. It’s not a bug it’s just my friend’s kids played it.

Devastated by the state, there is nothing I can do to gain that state back. It’s all happened in the past. Trying to console myself, I took this as another learning points:

1. It’s human nature to cling into the past, can’t let go and long for it.

Yes that’s true. It’s hard to let go things that we care. I know that in my situation is only a game state (gamers will know). However, we can practice to let go. It’s doable. Well, in the same time we can also practice compassion to those kids. Hehe..

2. To live in present moment

As we grow older, we learn to save or keep good things in case bad things happened. But kids don’t see it that way. They just think present moment. In my case, I think I can understand my parents feeling a little bit more that they save money, set it aside for me (and my brother), and we just demanded that we want this toy or that toy that time.. (Sorry mom and dad if I (we) over did it in the past).

PS: I’m really devastated, all the war bucks and grenades I carefully kept ..T.T

PPS: However, after I tell my friend about it, now I can only shake my head and laugh together with her. Because that’s what kids do.