Some wild thoughts

– sometimes I miss one thing from my childhood, to be able to fight with your friend then make up as if we didn’t fight at all.

– its easier to work when people trust you, but you need to prove it. That means both parties need to understand and compromise each other strength and weakness. However if you think you did your best and you still don’t get what you want. Just see it as, they are not for you. Don’t think too much about why you can’t earn it.

– sometimes you need to make some sacrifices to get what you want, i.e. to do things that you don’t like. It trains you, mold you and teach you about patience and a reminder about the things you like.

– old saying said, don’t swim against the current when the tide is strong, i.e. in the sea. Go with the flow and wait for the right time to swim back to the shore. Otherwise, you will have no strength to swim back.

– another saying said, I don’t have time to hate people who do bad things at me, because I’m too busy to love the people I love.