Untitled (Pt. 1)

As always, without realization a year passed pretty fast. We are living in 2012 now and it’s near the end of January. In general, people will start to think about their new year resolution since December; some of my friends did it. One of them asked me, have I gave a thought about my new year resolution? I asked them back, for personal or for office? And they replied of course the personal one. I smiled sheepishly and replied that I haven’t thought about it.

Last year, I used to be able to post a blog regularly: 2 posts every week and manage to actively participate in social media world. But, near the end of the year I strayed from it. I got bored and I rarely post nor tweet, despite that I’m still active in other platform.

I used to think that I want to be influential in social media world. After months “playing around”, I didn’t feel any improvements. It could be my ignorance for not listening to the tips or tricks on how to be successful in certain platform. I always think that I must do it naturally, not synthetically.

Because I can’t stand it anymore, I went to a hiatus for the whole January. If you see my last post date, it was 4th January.

It’s been a while since I feel so lost and I don’t know what to do nor which direction I want to go. I re-read my old blog posts, especially near the early part of last year yet I don’t feel inspired. I thought I could evaluate what were my dreams or goals for 2011; whether I have achieve them.

Before this, I was quite active in pursuing digital photography, but somehow I didn’t feel inspired to do so. Although I’m still taking pictures with my iPhone.

Subsequently, I just dropped my blog. I stopped posting for a week, and I felt it was liberating. It continued to the week after and the week after that too. I feel that a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulder.

Meanwhile, some of my old hobbies came back. I used to play games in my iPhone besides taking pictures or listening to music. But, recently there wasn’t any games that can hook me into it. It can be that I was afraid to play too; once I played RPG game, usually I hardly can stop. The old hobbies that reappear were my interest towards manga and modeling. I used to have plenty of comic books in my room; I like to collect them, if the story is inspiring. I like both shonen and shoujo manga, but I prefer shonen more. I decided to stop reading comics because there wasn’t any interesting story to follow until recently. It started with “Liar Game”, I completed the whole 100+ chapters within 1+ week. Continued with “Bakuman” after I saw it on a book store.

About modeling, like I told in my past blog post that I have a masculine hobby since I was young, I bought a gundam model Master Grade edition as a present for myself. I enjoy every moment I work on it; cutting the parts, trimming it, and so on. Some of my girl friends protested it and I voiced out my thought through my last post early January. Maybe it’s a form of concern too, but I always think as long as what you do it’s not harmful, it’s okay.

Besides that, I also stop to follow web design feeds.

So, the summary for above is simply: I dropped things that I like recently and I picked up things that I used to like in the past again.

to be continued to next post