Thought on losing something

*this post is a rewrite, my mistake for not saving it before I close the browser. So, it’s going to be short and sweet.

When I look back at my calendar, I feel terrified. How can I survive such a busy month. I basically had one event another another, weekdays after work and weekends. I was longing for a long sleep for many weeks. Yet, there are another events awaits for me.

Finally, my body can’t take it anymore. I fell sick this week. I caught the worst flu I ever had in the past 3 years. It started with throat infection, 2 days fever up and down then headache, muscle pain, and you name it.

So yes, I got my long sleep. But I learned that how precious my health is, after losing it.

Often, it’s not only health but also other things or someone precious. We often take things for granted when we have it. We don’t really take a really good care of them, then we started to regret when it flew away from us.

So friends (and a note to myself) let’s take care of things/people that means a lot to us. Express our feeling that we are grateful by having them around us.