License to be sick

*cough cough

I’m telling myself,
Come on my body, show some energy!
There are some works to be done.
Come on my mind, concentrate a lil more!
There are some plans to work on.

*cough cough

My heart said,
Have you give yourself enough rest?
Did you put too much stress on yourself?
Have you eat healthily?
Have you do some exercise?
Even you did it, doesn’t mean that you can stay healthy all the time.

I was puzzled..

You are sick now means,
you give a rest to your mind and body,
to appreciate your healthy times,
also give other chance to take care of you

Most of the time, we feel guilty when we are sick. We try too hard or take it too hard to ourselves. To be sick is somehow unacceptable. But, when you are sick, don’t pretend that you’re OK, or act strong.

To be sick doesn’t mean that you’re weak,
To be sick doesn’t mean that you’re creating troubles for others..

As sometimes you are healthy, so do sick.. Take it that healthy is taking a leave. It will come back one day.
So, don’t worry when you’re sick. Enjoy the time when you’re sick.

And just hope that healthy have a short leave and will come back soon.