Chistmas spirit

Since I was a kid, Christmas has been one of my favorite holiday. I like the atmosphere, the spirit and, especially, the movies on TV. I’m so buying the concept of Christmas spirit and miracle because of those movies. But I never experience one like in those movies or drama. Well.. maybe it only happens inside movie anyway.


This year, my Christmas holiday is a little different. For the first time in many years, I felt alone and nothing to do during the festive season. Maybe it also occurred in the past, but I didn’t remember it well. I only remembered that usually I was pretty busy, attending events or taking photos.

I thought, maybe because I live alone by renting a room. Or maybe because of I just moved office too, so all are new environment to me. Of course it will feel different.

Rather than feel lonely at home, I decided to go to Orchard Road. A friend told me there is a toy sale, it’s quite worth to buy. I had Gundam in mind. It’s been awhile too, haven’t bought one for myself.

I’ll tell the Gundam part later, because I have another interesting story.

After shopping the toys, I still need to go to Toys r Us to find Lego. I bought some toys for my colleagues kids. Didn’t plan it, but suddenly had the urge to buy some presents. And the Lego is for my landlord’s son.

It was raining when I’m about to cross to the building. I had my umbrella in my bag, but my hand was full carrying the shopping bags. While I was contemplating to wait or to take out my umbrella or just run through the rain, I heard a voice from the person next to me. “Do you want to share my umbrella?”, still surprised and the person said “I’m about to cross there too” and I said ok.

“Celebrating Christmas?” looking at my shopping bags.
Yeah, for my friends.
What a wet Christmas eve yeah?
“Well, looks like it. Yesterday that building basement was flooded.”
Oh.. Hopefully it’s not happening again today.
“Yeah hopefully”

I said thanks to the person once again before we went to our own way. And while crossing the road, he told me that he worked to clean the flood too yesterday. He is just a worker from some west Asia countries who worked here like I did.

That short conversation is still echoing in my mind. And somehow, it brings back my childhood experience when I was touched by those movies. That Christmas has its magic to everyone.

So, this gave me different Christmas experience, and teach me something. It’s about giving, anonymously, regardless you’re celebrating it or not. It’s a good reminder for me.

Wish you have a very Merry Christmas. 🙂

I hope he experience some Christmas magic too.

Thought on losing something

*this post is a rewrite, my mistake for not saving it before I close the browser. So, it’s going to be short and sweet.

When I look back at my calendar, I feel terrified. How can I survive such a busy month. I basically had one event another another, weekdays after work and weekends. I was longing for a long sleep for many weeks. Yet, there are another events awaits for me.

Finally, my body can’t take it anymore. I fell sick this week. I caught the worst flu I ever had in the past 3 years. It started with throat infection, 2 days fever up and down then headache, muscle pain, and you name it.

So yes, I got my long sleep. But I learned that how precious my health is, after losing it.

Often, it’s not only health but also other things or someone precious. We often take things for granted when we have it. We don’t really take a really good care of them, then we started to regret when it flew away from us.

So friends (and a note to myself) let’s take care of things/people that means a lot to us. Express our feeling that we are grateful by having them around us.

License to be sick

*cough cough

I’m telling myself,
Come on my body, show some energy!
There are some works to be done.
Come on my mind, concentrate a lil more!
There are some plans to work on.

*cough cough

My heart said,
Have you give yourself enough rest?
Did you put too much stress on yourself?
Have you eat healthily?
Have you do some exercise?
Even you did it, doesn’t mean that you can stay healthy all the time.

I was puzzled..

You are sick now means,
you give a rest to your mind and body,
to appreciate your healthy times,
also give other chance to take care of you

Most of the time, we feel guilty when we are sick. We try too hard or take it too hard to ourselves. To be sick is somehow unacceptable. But, when you are sick, don’t pretend that you’re OK, or act strong.

To be sick doesn’t mean that you’re weak,
To be sick doesn’t mean that you’re creating troubles for others..

As sometimes you are healthy, so do sick.. Take it that healthy is taking a leave. It will come back one day.
So, don’t worry when you’re sick. Enjoy the time when you’re sick.

And just hope that healthy have a short leave and will come back soon.

Thought on connecting with people

I’m sure that once a while, a question like “how can I connect better with that person?” popped inside our head.

A friend who lets you to become yourself without the needs to worry is a gem.

And what are the path that we need to walk to reach that stage? There are many. But there are two basic values that we need to have: honesty and sincerity.

Honest is easy when it comes to saying good things. But, the challenge is when we have to say something bad because it may hurt the other person.

Sincerity will take it to the whole level.

Thought on learning language

Some of my friends told me that I’m too free by learning too many languages at once. I’ve been learning Japanese for about a year plus and recently I’m learning Korean.

I simply like the happy face from the person I talk to when I speak in their language. It also easier to connect with them. I like to think that it’s a form of appreciation too.