To be honest with ourselves

I remember clearly that on one fine day, while I was working on my website project, one of my flatmate entered my room and asked me, “How can you build a website?”

Looking at her while my hands were typing some HTML code, and replied “Why not?”

Let me share you my story.

I’ve been playing with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP, for quite some time. I admit that I’m not the best coder among my peers. I enrolled into IT faculty by accident (which I can share in different post later), struggled during my first year, but hey, I managed to be graduated on time, with a cum laude. How awesome is that?

I’m not trying to brag, but I proud of myself. I give a pat to myself that I can survive the storm. And I ended up really liking it.

My journey isn’t always with HTML. I started by becoming application developer using Borland Delphi (it’s a Pascal based) then picking up Java and followed by learning .NET. In the middle of it, I picked up HTML, CSS and Javascript not because I have a huge interest on it, but because I like to blog.

It ended up, I worked with HTML more than of those I learned before I know HTML. Even it started by accident, I found my passion. HTML and web design.

I played around with Joomla on my weekend, updated my blog layout/design, or working on projects on my spare time. Why? Simple, I like it. It has been my interest.

Remembering that, I smiled and gave my flatmate another answer, “Why not?”

So, let me ask you a question. What is your interest? What is your passion?