Thoughts on other things

On being surrounded by non-geek people,

In a way, it accentuates my personality. I’m different, or special. Imagine a scene from The Big Bang Theory where I’m the girl and my friends are the guys, just that it’s the other way around now.

On interest to technical stuff,

I got it from my dad, I think. I remember that I’m playing with TMNT or Tamiya or BB gun while I was kid rather than Barbie dolls. I played with lead and solder, and find out that making the circuit work was some sort of enlightenment.

On having too much interest,

One thing I admit, I’m easily attracted to new things. The biggest challenge is to complete what I started. My first boss caught it and gave me a room to do whatever I like to do with one condition, finish what you do.

On swinging mood,

Hey, I’m still a girl after all. Blame it to hormones. 

That means I need some spaces to calm myself down. To find out what concern me at that point of time.

On girl talk,

Most of the time, I forgot that when girls talks their problem, you don’t need to try to solve it. They just want to talk it out loud. Same thing, it applies to me as well.