Thoughts on Apple

On remembering Steve Jobs,

I remember the first time I heard about his name was after I graduated. A lecturer in campus showed his commencement speech in Stanford. I already felt that his speech was inspiring, really. I couldn’t imagine how thy speech can influence me so deep in the future.

On knowing my campus is part of Apple campus,

I know that Apple stuff is pretty unaffordable in Indonesia. Unless you make a fair earning. Last time I visited my campus almost 2 years ago, their android culture is solid. As a Apple fan, big big Apple fan, I feel insignificant. Yet I feel unique in the same time. Like the father of Apple felt when he was young; special, the chosen one.
So, I’m happy to know that they are not just an Android base.

On Apple cult,

To some people, they think that Apple gadgets are bad and competitors are good. People who love Apple is just merely a cult. I read this somewhere sometime ago, Apple is able to deliver good user experience despite their hardware is not the newest in the market. And the one with more powerful resource, can’t deliver the same performance for user.
Well said, ’nuff said.

On dream to work for Apple,

When you admire someone, naturally you have desire to meet the person, when the person is still alive. That’s what I thought.
Well, he’s not.
To think that I used to dream to work for Microsoft in research field created some sparks in me in the past.
But, the more you’re in the field, the more you know about yourself, you will eventually find a role for you. Deep down inside, we all know what we want. Sometimes, we just too scared to acknowledge it.
So, I’m a nobody to Apple, I just play my role as fan girl.