6 October 2011

Today will never be an ordinary day any more, because of Steve Jobs. Apple co founder and ex CEO just passed away.

Steve Jobs

There are lots of expressions people wrote in the Internet about his death. So, I will just write my piece here in my blog.

I woke up around 4 in the morning today and I didn’t hear (or see) any news from my twitter stream, until my friend messaged me in Facebook‘s messenger. She said, she just heard a shocking news from CNN. Therefore I opened my iPhone and Google his name. Then I saw the news.

Another friend messaged me through MSN messenger shortly after that. I received a condolences from different friends from different medium, ie. email, whatsapp or facebook wall.

I’m not, definitely, related to Steve Jobs at all. My friends, who know me so well, know that I am an Apple fan girl. I like Apple products as much as I idolized Steve. He’s such an inspiring person.

The news is not unexpected since Steve decided to step down as Apple CEO. (*I updated my status, changed my profile picture (added the mourn badge)).

It’s hard to express it in words my thoughts about him. But,  I summarized it as:

some people love him, some hate him or maybe loathe him, but to me, he is an inspiring figure. he had his bad times (or even did something bad) but he is MORE than that.. Thanks a lot Steve, for Apple, for Pixar, for NeXT and your amazing iDevices..

His inspirational commencement speech in Standford will keep be playing in my head. I’m sure that he’s not living someone else’s life.

So, adieu Steve! Thanks for making a dent in the universe..


PS: If I were happened to live in the US, maybe I’ll pay a visit.

PPS: Having an iPhone really changes the way I interact with news and people. There are so many ways to stay connected.

PPPS: I definitely need to buy his book now, ha!