1 year ago

After missing my due for my last 2 posts and as weekend is approaching, finally I have time to blog. Oh how I miss it.

I feel like want to have a flash back for in this post. I browsed my past posts by selecting the year and month. And come to my surprise, a year ago (as the title said) on the exact date, I wrote about complacency.

Based on 3 points I write on fighting complacency, I did all those points. And here is my share for you.

on Changing routine

It’s difficult yet challenging to do this. We always ended up give reasons for not doing what we want ourselves doing. We tend to postpone or push it later and later.

A book I read sometime ago said, we make schedule to make our life easy in the future. We often think that our future plan tight us down; we have to do this and that, we can’t do whatever we want right now. Then, when it comes, we are in panic.

You can say it’s a dilemma, why pushing ourselves for doing something that we don’t like even though it’ll benefit us in the future.

Well, I think that we can always break it into smaller chunks of tasks. That’s the first lesson I learnt.

Second lesson I learnt is about know what is more important than the others. Or simply said, prioritize.

To make schedule without knowing the priority, it will lead to trouble too. For example, we put schedule on things that actually not too urgent yet not too important like buying groceries upon submitting document to your client.

Well groceries are important too, but we can do it after we finish the submission.

hope you get what I mean

So, is there any differences you can spot on yourself from last year? Is there any challenges you met while you try to do something different?

Share it below.