To whom I should blame this to

One of my friend recently told me that how miserable his life is. And he felt that why life is so unfair to him. (sounds familiar hey?) Yes, it’s all about complaining.

I did that too quite often in the past, until a certain extent when I decided to learn to control it. It takes time, and over the time though I still did it, but it’s way lesser than what I used to do.

You may take that I’m boasting about it but you can also see it as a sharing too. Things that are happened to us are there to teach us something. That’s what I believe.

Anyway.. Here are 3 things that help me:

  • It’s all inside your mind
  • Whether it’s a unpleasant things or a good thing, it depends on how we perceive it. It’s the hardest part.
    We will have a denial stage (most of the time) before we can come into acceptance stage. Some people may have hard time to reach that stage (and quite often it happens because they are exhausted after they are struggling in denial stage).
    Some even comes later with regret.

  • It’s happened to teach us something
  • Always ask yourself, what can I learn from this situation and how can I solve it, instead of asking why.

  • Nothing last forever
  • Lastly, they will stick with you for awhile. But they will not last forever. (same way to put it, when good things happen to us, it is just a temporary too). Although amazingly, we feel that happy times is shorter and hard times is longer, right?

    So, let’s be less complaining when we have hard times okay?