On anger and forgiveness

When someone do something accidentally or make mistake that leads to disturb you to reach your destination, will you be angry to the person?

We are, normally. A well mannered person maybe still be able to control themselves. A “saint” maybe can instantly forgive the mistake.

Adding some salt to the wound, sometimes the mistake or accident is made by people who is closed to you because of your close friend.

When these kind of situations happen, how would you react?

Well, luckily we have options, like below:

  1. Tell it out loud
  2. Let it go

I always fond with the first method. I believe that if you just keep it inside, how would the other party know about it. But first, you need to control the anger. Don’t say it while you are still furious.

The second one is harder. It’s easier to express it, but it’s harder to let it go. But once you master it, eventually you will find your peace.

What do you think?