Never too late for anything, including chasing your dream

Sometime ago I had this conversation with different friends about how we would answer about what do we want to do in the future when we were kids.

Some of us would laugh and named some professions, like doctor or engineer. (I don’t know why to become actor or painter or musician is not in the list)

My answer was I want to be an engineer. I didn’t know that I’m becoming one now. Well, I’m a web developer to be more precise, but when we draw some common line, well, we can take it as a branch from engineer-computer engineer-software specialization-web-developer.

So the question now is, what am I going to do when I have achieve my dream? Do I stop? Or I resume my live relaxing?

Do you remember when we were a kid, when some adults asked us same question, we have lots of different answers for that question. The dream question, I have multiple answer for it. To become an engineer is maybe never be my first answer but I was answering it more than others. And believe it or not, all the things we think inside our head, will come true.

So my answer is no. I’m not going to stop to chase my dream. Because our dream is the one that keep our life more interesting, we can be more alive, more enthusiastic every time we wake up in the morning.

I’m asking you now, do you chase your dream? Or do you stop chasing it?

To conclude, here is a video that will inspire you (as it reminds me too) It’s Never too Late to Chase your Dreams ~ Steve Mazan