A year ago

What did you do a year ago? When someone asked you this question, do you remember what did you do a year ago? It’s hard to answer it, right?

Anyway, scrolling on my past blog post I found out that I have a post which is approximately a year ago. I was running my first 6 kilometers marathon, with a bag, under the rain.

Now one year after that experience, am I a different person from a year ago? Do I become a better person or worse? What did I learn since then?

One thing for sure, now i don’t worry too much of doing something that I don’t feel possible.

When it comes to do something new, usually we feel scared or worried. And to encourage ourselves, don’t do it alone. Do it with friends. Find one if don’t have any. In the end, you’ll accomplish more. Answer the challenge and make new friends in the same time.

The running event I joined is a yearly event. I didn’t join the run this year because I have different plan. I want to capture the moment. I want to take picture of it. It’s a new experience for me that I’m looking forward to. I hope the weather will be good and not running with my camera.

PS: to all my friends who runs, do your best and have fun guys.