A new journey

2 years ago, I began my adventure in a new country. It’s 2.5 years since the first time I had my first job as web developer in Singapore. And now here I am sitting on a sofa, writing this post at my home, accompanied by some k-pop music behind.

So, let’s have a little reflection for today.

What have I done for those time?

1. Japanese

I started to learn it again in 2010. I fulfill my dream long time ago. I’d like to be able to understand Japanese more. I like their drama, I want to be able to listen without subtitles. I want to be able to converse in Japanese too.

I learned most of their grammars within that year, but the real challenge begins after that. How am I able to use it, to speak or to read. So, I decided to take a JLPT test this year. The result came out and I’m failed to score well. Although I failed, I feel satisfied with myself.  Because, I overcame my fear of learning something new and stretched myself for it.

It takes me sometime too, to be able to use English as my second language. So, I can’t give up learning on a Japanese too.

2. Guitar

I picked up a new interest early this year. Inspired by a friend. I have been longing to be able to play musical instruments too since my junior high school.

I decided when I visited my home town for a holiday, I bought a 3/4 size guitar. Some of  friends taught me some basics, so I can strum or pick based on the guitar tab or chords. Which I did it whenever I want to relax myself.

I’m thinking to take more formal lessons later when I have more time.

3. Photography

No matter what tool I use, I want to learn more on the technique. When you have the basic knowledge, it’s easier for you to take picture regardless of the tool.

A friend of mine used to say, the result doesn’t lie with the tools, but the person who use the tools. I admit that I’m a iPhone addict and I like to take picture with it. I can easily get inspiration because I use it every day. But one day, I want to be able to have the same apt when it comes to use any cameras.

4. Blogging

I had a mission that I will blog regularly and I want to post something that can be useful for others too. I accomplished that mission.

Now, I need to ask myself to which extent I want to bring my blog to. Oh well, until I find the answer, I think I’ll just keep continue to blog.