The most important person #1

One of the three point from my favorite talks is who is the most important person? For you who listened to it before or read my past post must know the answer.

Yes, it’s the person you are with at that moment.

The person can be a friend (or a group of friends) or even yourself. So, whether you are with a friend, or a group of friends, they are the most important person/people at that time. When we don’t have anyone around or we simply just by our own, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have the important person. Ourselves is the important person. We treat ourselves equally as others.

And I happened to experience those three situations this weekend.

I went out with colleagues to Batam to celebrate our KPI (quarterly review). Among 8 of us, 5 are photography enthusiast (including me). Normally during the trip, I would busy taking pictures and ignore the rest (that’s bad, hey?)

Well, for one or other reason, I decided to do it differently this time, and told myself before the trip, “Don’t forget to interact with the people”. People are the elements of the memories. Not just objects that you captured inside the photo.

Oh, the main purpose of the trip is to know each other better, through casual activity.

I still took some pictures. You never know that some of them are quite creative in making poses or expressions. Basically, by knowing that people you are with are important, we don’t exclude them out from the picture, we can create or capture even more beautiful moment or memories.

To be continue..