On trying

One of my bosses told me that he hate the word “try”. According to him, it means that you’re not serious enough of doing something that you’re going to do. For example, I’ll try to see what I can do to solve the problem. In other words, it means that you know somewhere deep inside your heart, the problem is not solvable.

Another boss told me slightly different view on it. He said, don’t afraid to try. Be wilder or more adventurous, get out of your comfort zone, do something different. In this case, push ourselves give it a try. Once you try it, decide afterwards, whether we like it or not.

My personal thought on this, both of them make senses. Most of the times when we are unsure, we said let’s give it a try. It’s a weak mission statement. But, that weak mission statement can push us to put our feet inside the pool, to try out the water. Or even get our hands dirty playing with the sands, when we’re building sand castle.

It’s just the beginning..

Usually after we put one foot to the pool, normally we will put the other one. Eventually when we will quite comfortable with it, we will start to walk away from the pool side until water as high as our calves. When we are more comfortable, we will walk even further.

When we are in the middle..

There are times when we feel that, I think I try enough. So we decided to come back to the sides, to the place we are familiar with. Or even decided to leave the pool. We said to ourselves, at least I tried it.

Going further

There are times when we enjoy the time we are comfortable with the water around our feet, then we see people swimming happily in the pool. Normally we will start to have the same feeling again. We doubt that we can do that. We ended up dreaming of doing what other people can do.

Well, there are always options for it. We make the decision, whether we’re going to “give it a try” again, or just left it.

I’d say, neither is wrong. Don’t afraid to stand for our choice regardless we decide to stay or to try. We should listen what our heart say because we should know our limit.

I see myself as a person who like to try new things. I learned a lot by trying lots of different things. Sometimes I feel sad when I decided to leave some old things I usually do, so that I can learn new things. Or decided not to pursue the new things I just learned.

But I tell myself not to be so sad about it.. Why?

  1. It’s part of the equation; to add things into your room, you need to make space.
  2. The things you’ll know will never be a waste, because it will help you in the future. Whether it’s technically helpful or if it’s not, it’s a proof for our adventure.

So, don’t afraid to give something a try. It’s still a mission statement that can bring you anywhere.