Thinking of settling down? Apparently not

After moving out from one place to another ..

At first, I thought I found my home,
I thought this time, I found the perfect place,
I simply thought that I found my peace,
I thought finally, a good place to start my life over in a new neighborhood.

No no no..
You’re wrong me, big time..!

Not until your neighbors are coming around your place,
Not until they start to annoy you,
Not until they start to be noisier and noisier talk about whatever crap,
Not until they start to sell you something.

The neighborhood is too saturated.
The government bodies seem didn’t take any actions,
Either they don’t want it or it’s actually the direction they look forward to?
Who knows..


I need my peace.

The thing is, it’s convenient since most people know how to find you.

Oh wait a second..
Think that I found new place to settle down
Not many people there
The neighbors seems good people

Okay, let’s start to move out.
Found some specialist movers, but I still need to coordinate with them for different timings.
Pack some important stuffs, bring it over and stay there 2/5 of my time and 3/5 in my current one.


Hey, I think I’m happier in my new place.
Started to spend more times in my new place.
I still come once and a while though, check my mail, do some chores..
My neighbors seem don’t really know that I seldom come back home.
Think that they are busy with their business.. (or crap)


Only some, though, started to ask me,
That they seldom see me anymore
To those close neighbors, i told them that I partially move out.
I invited them over to my new place so that they know how to find me.
They asked whether I’ll be permanently moving out?
I’m still thinking what should I do with my old place, I say.
To sell or to keep it.
But I assure them that I’ll keep them up to date.

So I think..
I’ll just maintain my old home and enjoy my new home.
Until the point when I have to permanently move out, settle down, find new place (again), tell everyone that I’m moving (again)

But I will keep my PO Box intact..
Wherever I’ll be, just go to my PO Box, you’ll reach me for sure.

PS: I think I need a general mover next time or a contractor mover who can do everything for me. Moving is tiring!



PPS: By the way, I’m talking about my Facebook account and my Google+ account.