Taking turns

Imagine yourself in this scenario (I’m sure it’s not hard to imagine)

One morning when you wake up, you have a very foul mood. Feel tired, you want to get back to your sleep but you can’t. You feel that you need to start your routine. On top of that, basically you don’t feel good about yourself.

Familiar with the situation?

You feel that you are at the bottom part of your life. You don’t feel inspired at all. Everything seems against you, exaggerating a little, the world is against you.

What would you normally do when you’re in that situation?

Fear not! You’re not alone.

Everyone of us, experience it many times in our life. There are ups and downs in life, you can’t expect to have a life that always floating on the top, right? Where is the adventure? 🙂

So, basically when you are inspiration-less, everything seems out of place. Admit it and accept it.

We can’t expect ourselves to be the center of everything. We need to be part of something. Sometimes we are in the center, sometimes we are just on the side.

  • There are times when we can inspire people around us. But there are also times when we let other people to inspire us;
  • We help people and we are being helped;
  • We give some and we receive some;
  • We learn some and we teach some;
  • We are in and sometimes we are out;

It’s all about the cycle. Old saying said,

Tough times never last, but tough people will.

I think it’s true after all. There is nothing permanent in life. You can say, nothing last forever. That’s keeping us to keep moving forward. Inventing something new, carving the future, it may be for us, or for people around us.

So, when you’re are just out of shape, worry not! Take a rest, let others take a good care of you. When you’re back to the game, just remember to pay them back 🙂 or pass it to someone else.

PS: your life doesn’t define by how many people you inspired by the end of the day! but how you keep yourself inspired throughout the day.